February 2016

Understanding Automated Marketing and Utilizing Automated Emailing

February 24th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech Understanding automated marketing and utilizing automated emailing

As a small business owner, time is of the essence, so anything automated tends to be a good thing. Automated payroll, automated timekeeping, automated invoicing and now, automated marketing is available at your fingertips to help you on your way to building a better business!  “But what does ‘automated marketing’ mean?” This refers to software […]

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Writing Effective Terms and Conditions for The Small Business Owner

February 24th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech Terms and Conditions

There are several key areas you cover properly in your terms and conditions statement, in order to protect you and your business.  1. Liability Perhaps the most important reason to ensure you’ve dotted the Is and crossed the Ts of your T&Cs is to limit your liability against loss and damage arising out of use […]

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4 Key Apps For Small Business Owners

February 24th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech Apps For Small Business Owners

Need help… managing your time? RescueTime: RescueTime aims to increase your productivity by analyzing the way you personally use your time. It runs in the background of your computer or smartphone and tracks how much time you spend on particular websites/apps, in meetings and answering emails. RescueTime lets you block access to distracting websites, set […]

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5 Top Tips to Keep You Managing Your Business Like a True Professional

February 24th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech 5 top tips to keep you managing your business like a true professional

As a small business owner, managing your business will inevitably take up the bulk of your time, at least when starting out. After all, whether your business makes it or not largely depends on you. However, the number of hours you put in does not directly correspond to how successful your business will be. The […]

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Staying on top of your finances: 4 Key Tips

February 24th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech on-top-of-your-finances

1. Get informed If you don’t know much about managing finances in a business context, or have simply learned on the job, consider taking a MOOC (massive open online course). Universities as renowned as Stanford, Berkeley and Cambridge now offer free, online courses in as many subjects as you can imagine. These courses, designed to […]

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Maximize your business potential online: 4 key tools

February 19th, 2016 by AdvaPay Tech students raising hands to ask question during seminar

When you need a job done and you don’t have a ‘go-to guy’, what do you do? You ask around – friends, family – but if they can’t help, where do you look next? Online, of course. Whether you need an accountant, a lawyer, a plumber, a painter or a physiotherapist, chances are, you’ll begin […]

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