Order Your Labor Law Poster Update Service


Comply with new posting requirements today by activating an Update Service!

One-time initial fee of $35.00 includes:

  • An All-in-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster

  • Attorney-approved, fully laminated, high-quality print poster

  • Includes shipping & handling

  • Our Update Services keep you compliant with all mandatory State and Federal posting changes.


Option 1: E-Update Service - $5.50 Monthly Subscription

When a mandatory change occurs, updates are automatically emailed to your business. Receive an updated All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster every year on anniversary of your subscription.

Option 2: Poster Replacement Solution - $8.00 Monthly Subscription

When a mandatory change occurs, a new replacement poster is automatically shipped to your business.

Option 3: All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster without Update Service - $45.00 each (shipping to your business included)

*$25,000 Guarantee
Our E-Update Service and Poster Replacement Solution are backed by a $25,000 'Fine-Reimbursement' Guarantee, ensuring that your business remains protected from serious fines related to improper posting content.
Terms and Conditions
Our Poster Update Service guarantees that we will provide your business the latest and most up-to-date State and Federal Labor Law Posters at the time of purchase, and that we will keep you updated with major mandatory changes in State and Federal Labor Law posting requirements for one full year from the date of activation. If you are required to pay a federal or state levied fine as a result of a posting violation prior to the expiration of one (1) year from the your date of purchase, we will reimburse you for any paid fines imposed by a state or federal agency as a result of erroneous or outdated content on the Poster, so long as the error is a result of our failure to have (i) provided you with accurate content, or (ii) contacted you to update outdated content.
The maximum aggregate amount of reimbursement is limited to $25,000, and is only applicable if the following conditions are met:
• We have, on record, at the time the fine is issued, a valid and current personal email address (i.e. not [email protected], or [email protected]) for an individual  
  contact within your company.
• You have not opted out of future emails or otherwise requested that we not contact you.
• You notify us of the fine within ten (10) days of your payment of the fine.
• The Poster was properly displayed in a conspicuous place where all employees can view the Poster, as per mandatory labor law standards.
The Poster Update Service guarantee may be amended, modified, or discontinued in our sole discretion at any time hereto by providing notice to you of the change. And finally, the Poster Update Service guarantee shall not apply to any nonstandard (i) industry-specific notices, (ii) sector-specific notices, (iii) municipal or location-specific notices, (iv) or any other specialized notice that is not issued by a federal or state agency. 

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