How To Bring Your HR Team Into The Digital Age

Before the advent of computer networks, if you wanted to find a book at the library, you had to thumb through card catalogs. Libraries were the first to dispense with extensive analog file systems.

But some businesses haven't caught up with the digital age. They're still in the stone ages when it comes to their HR team.

Many times, if you walk into a business and ask to see their HR files, they'll lead you to some secret vault. It's like they expect a bank heist or something.

Not only does this take up space, but analog file systems take up time as well.

If your business hasn't upgraded it's HR practices and joined the 20 year plus digital age, there's no time like the present. Let's give your HR team a jumpstart.

1. Your HR Team Should Replace Dated HR Technology

The trend in most any sector right now is toward mobile and remote systems. Even major businesses conduct a massive amount of their work in the cloud.

And HR is not immune to these trends.

This means that your HR team will have to rethink HR from the ground up. You will have to look at how programs are designed, how you use tools, and how you communicate with the rest of the comp

Automation is one area that will be key in your digital transformation.

We live in an age of constant documentation. If it's not written down, it didn't happen.

Imagine how innovative your team could be if they outsourced the tracking of all their functions to a computer?

What if you could track planning, development, hiring, payroll and other things without writing down a jot? Not only will your Quality Assurance person be happy, you'll have more time to attend to employee's needs.
Enterprise Resource Planning
How can you outsource your data tracking and documentation? Through a suite of integrated business software applications or modules designed to track and manage and even automate data and functions.

And these software suites typically include a human resource module.

These modules will free up your time to manage employee needs. And not only that, it will enhance how you share information and collaborate with other departments.

As you know, this is an important aspect of HR. The HR department isn't an island. The information they gather and people they hire affect all areas of a business.
A Window into HR
And with clear communication and increased collaboration comes a better working relationship with upper management. Most of the time it's difficult for upper management to understand what your HR team actually does.

Yes, they get that you hire people and track employee information. But they may not understand how it impacts their job directly.

When everyone has access to HR's data, then everyone can see the results of your work clearly.
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