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Effective workforce management is a vital and having the right HCM solutions can offer the insights that you need to maximize employee performance. From eliminating cumbersome paper trails, streamlining workflows, to summarizing key data for management, our Birmingham HCM software can be customized to serve all of your HR needs.

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In today’s competitive workplace, employee training has never been more important. The good news is that the right HCM solution will help you simplify training.  Our integrated Learning Management platform not only offers ready to go employee courses it also allows you to build your own customized courses. You can more effectively get employees the training they need all while easily tracking each employee’s progress.

Our HCM solution also includes the ability to track awards, continuing education, and company equipment. Our system also includes built in performance management which allows you to automate your employee’s performance reviews and sent out automatic alerts to both employees and managers when a review needs their attention.

Discover The Benefits Of HCM Software

Simplify and streamline the most common employee management tasks with the help of our Birmingham HCM software solution. The advantages of our HCM services include:

  • Streamline hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Manage open enrollment and benefits all in one system
  • Analyze compensation with detailed salary history
  • Track performance reviews
  • Gain insights and manage employee training
  • Store employee documents
  • Easily manage PTO accruals and Time Off requests
  • Single Sign on Employee Self Services
  • Communicate and encourage employee engagement

Transform Workforce Management Our HCM Solutions

HCM solutions and the right service provide helps companies become more efficient, simplify processes, and minimize costs. To discover the benefits of our integrated HCM solution, contact our contact us for HCM services today!

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HCM Solutions

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