Integrated Future-Proof HCM System

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AdvaPay Systems is one of the leading providers of payroll and human resource services that is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. We have a company slogan that says “you run your business, we will run your payroll”, letting you invest all the time and resources you need into growing your operations. We are made up of professional experts who wish to help your business reach greater heights, thus delivering exceptional full-service payroll and human resource processes with the aid of advanced technology.

What Is an Integrated Future-Proof HCM System?

At AdvaPay Systems, we believe in taking payroll to the same level as today’s advancements. Our online payroll platform is highly secure to ensure that your workers receive their wages on time and in full accuracy. Our integrated future-proof HCM system is cloud-based to provide your company with the flexibility of access from almost anywhere so you can make payments to your employees right on schedule. You can look forward to simplifying your employee management with a state-of-the-art payroll service that helps you cut down on yearly expenditure that is spent on payroll management.

Advantages of Our Integrated Future-Proof HCM System

Our integrated future-proof HCM system lets you enjoy a paperless payroll system so your workers can look forward to being paid on time, every time. There are no troublesome post office delays involved or paychecks getting lost in the mail. Your employees also stand to enjoy additional benefits such as the following:

  • Access pay instantly anywhere, anytime
  • A worry-free payment system without risks of lost or stolen checks
  • 24/7 self-service payroll access
  • No additional check-cashing fees

How Our Integrated Future-Proof HCM System Can Help Businesses

By utilizing our integrated future-proof HCM system, you can ensure that your payroll will be processed securely through a trusted platform. You can simplify the messy payroll practices that are outdated and leverage on our user-friendly online payroll solutions. Every employee record can be accessed at the most convenient location and timing, offering you with optimum convenience in managing your employees’ wages. Our system also helps you to manage difficult and time-consuming payroll tax filing, relieving you of the extra workload. The system is layered with multi-level security and comes equipped with customizable reports, and SSAE-16 certified data centers to give you full control of your data. You can generate payroll reports without the added stress of having to handle processing errors.

Why Choose AdvaPay Systems?

Our main objective is to deliver a personalized approach to customer service, making sure that clients have the rightful support for every human resource and payroll process. We offer clients with highly flexible solutions that allow clients to enjoy customized services that meet their exact business needs. AdvaPay Systems is a local veteran-owned small business that is made up of highly experienced professionals who have worked in the payroll and human resource sectors for many years. Our team will guide clients at every step of the way, providing professional guidance to help them better manage their financial infrastructure.
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